The Pope's Exorcist - The Pope's Exorcist (2023)
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The Pope's Exorcist - The Pope's Exorcist (2023)
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[The Pope's Exorcist - The Pope's Exorcist (2023)]
[sc/7.3] [dl/] [info] [+] The Pope's Exorcist (2023) [/info] [nd] In his original 1973 review of "The Exorcist," Roger Ebert wrote about how right it was to cast the role of the older priest battling evil with the great character actor Max von Sydow: "He has been through so many religious and metaphysical crises in Ingmar Bergman’s films that he almost seems to belong on a theological battlefield the way John Wayne belonged on a horse."

"The Pope's Exorcist" combines those two images by casting Russell Crowe in the lead role of Father Gabriele Amorth, a theologian, journalist, book author, and the pope's designated exorcist. Amorth is a sly, tough, wisecracking priest who approaches each new mission like a gunslinger. Instead of pistols, rifles, and hunting knives, he has an exorcism kit with crucifixes and holy water that he carries around in a case the size of a saddlebag. His horse is a red-and-white scooter that's too-small for Crowe's let-it-all-hang-out character-actor body but makes a perfect, wonderful sight gag for that reason. Amorth even has a tiny whiskey flask that he insists that he carries to ease his scratchy throat. He's written and performed like one of those wry, hard-bitten bad-asses that used to be played in 1960s Westerns by aging but still-popular action stars like Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas and (yes) John Wayne. Their characters pointed out the hypocrisies of so-called civilization but defended it anyway. They'd seen it all, but could still be shocked. [/nd] [SEVER|]
Update 17/04/2023
Casts Russell Crowe, Daniel Zovatto, Alex Essoe, Franco Nero, Laurel Marsden, Cornell John, Ralph Ineson, River Hawkins, Pablo Raybould, Ryan O'Grady, Alessandro Gruttadauria, Bianca Bardoe, Paloma Bloyd, Carrie Munro, Marc Velasco, Tom Bonington, Derek Carroll, Victor Solé, Gennaro Diana
Status [sc/7.3] [dl/]
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Duration 104 minute
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