Clock - Clock (2023)
Clock - Clock (2023)
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Clock - Clock (2023)
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[Clock - Clock (2023)]
[sc/6.7] [dl/] [info] [+] Clock (2023) [/info] [nd] This film by writer/director Alexis Jacknow will follow a woman's desperate attempt to fix her broken biological clock.

As a horror movie fan, I think this movie will scare you and make you question life. The main subject of the movie is very interesting and under analyzed. Its about woman who don't want to have babies and how the society sees them as having a mental or biological problem. It has a very clever perspective in analyzing those subjects, the main character is super good and believable. It entertains from start to finish and makes you think, which is a rare thing in horror movies lately. I reccomend this movie, you won't be dissapointed. In the beginning I thought this was about the horrors of not having a child. As the movie progressed, it became very original. All the actors involved were very good. It kept my interest through out the movie. All the jump scares were really effective, particularly the tall woman near the car window. This has a great message and a very good story line. Very original and well done. So I reccomend to any true horror fans who are not only in it for the gore but in it for the psychological aspect of the genre. [/nd] [SEVER|]
Update 29/04/2023
Casts Dianna Agron, Jay Ali, Saul Rubinek, Melora Hardin, Rosa Gilmore, Grace Porter, Alexis Jacknow
Status [sc/6.7] [dl/]
Release year
Duration 92 minute
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